The Osteopathic Technique of T.E Hall


The Osteopathic Technique
of T.E Hall

Reformatted from the 1996 video by Christopher Campbell

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T.E. Hall was regarded by his contemporaries as being one of the most accomplished osteopathic technicians of his time

This archive footage helps demonstrate some of the important diagnostic and treatment techniques that he employed in his teaching and practicing life

For Hall the art of Osteopathy demanded a thorough knowledge of the physiological movements of the spine, a high degree of diagnostic and palpatory skills and the technical ability to deal with the underlying conditions, this film clearly demonstrates these points.

Another lifelong friend and colleague was John Wernham who was a Co-founder of the Institute. Their friendship extended to the production of this footage and they both appear together in this film shot in the 1950’s in black & white

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DVD Total running time 46 mins

Dimensions 192 x 137 x 16

ISBN 978-0-9560865-5-6

Multi Region. PAL. Standard 4:3

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