The Pelvis – Techniques & Diagnosis


The Pelvis

Techniques & Diagnosis

Edited and Compiled by Russell John White

…..The first of a planned series covering all areas of the spine and the upper and lower extremities, this book aims to provide help and guidance for the busy osteopath as well as that essential stimulus for the “thoughtful and reflective practitioner” – food for thought!…..


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  • Introduction by RJ White
  • The Pelvis by Douglas Mann
  • Sacro-Iliac Propositions by JCP Proby
  • An Investigation Into The Pelvic Mechanics by TP Ringland
  • Pelvic Technique by P Jackson
  • Mechanics Of Lesion Diagnosis In The Pelvis by TE Hall
  • Littlejohn Technique (Sacro-Iliac) by SGJ Wernham
  • The Integrity Of The Pelvic Girdle by JCP Proby
  • The Problem Of The Pelvis by SGJ Wernham
  • The Sacro-Iliac Articulation by SGJ Wernham
  • The Sacral Base Plane by P Jackson
  • Diagnosis And Treatment Of “Short Leg”by TE Hall
  • Examination And Treatment Of The Sacro-Iliac Joints


Paperback 160 pages

Dimensions 210 x 150

ISBN 978-0-9530294-3-3

eBook is also available from: £14.49 @ Amazon; £14.00 @ Kobo

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