Osteopathy Principles & Practice Volume 3



Principles & Practice Volume 3

Edited and Compiled by Russell John White

The articles that follow give an insight into the development of osteopathic ideas on principles, diagnosis and examination as propounded by some of the great osteopathic pioneers


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  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Examination of the Spine by Charles Hazzard
  • The Place of diagnosis in the practice of Osteopathy by Carl McConnell
  • Osteopathic Diagnosis by Guy Hulett
  • Osteopathic Examination by Charles Murray
  • Diagnosis and Osteopathic Mechanics by Edythe Ashmore
  • Osteopathy, The Science by Carter Harrison Downing
  • Positions for Examination by Dain Staler
  • The Principles of Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment by Leon Page
  • The Progress and the Future of Osteopathy by J M Littlejohn


Paperback 146 pages

Dimensions 210mm x 150mm

ISBN 978-0-9560865-4-9

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