Enthusiasm for Classical Osteopathy and ICO teaching has established links with various groups outside of our headquarters in the UK. Teaching courses in line with the ICO curriculum, with slight international variations, have been run in conjunction with the ICO and typically, but not exclusively with our UK-based faculty. The affiliates referred to here work very closely with the ICO to maintain a continuity of educational, practical and philosophical standards that provide a link with the continuum of this traditional approach to osteopathy.



The Spanish Institute of Classical Osteopathy (SICO) was founded in 2011. It is an independent organization working alongside the Institute of Classical Osteopathy in the UK. We collaborate with and support students and osteopaths interested in the practice and principles of Classical Osteopathy.

Our main aim is to promote, through courses and seminars, the fundamental philosophy of Classical Osteopathy as originally formulated by AT Still and further developed by JM Littlejohn. In addition, we give our advice for the research, translation and publishing of classical osteopathic texts.

We at SICO think the term 'classical' is not an outdated vision of osteopathy, but totally the opposite. Osteopathy is studied as practiced by the first osteopaths, incorporating new and recent research and development relevant to us.  If are we conscious of where we are coming from, we will have a clear path to follow.

Our Postgraduate Course in Spain is organized hand-in-hand with the ICO in the UK. It normally runs from September to June, comprising 23 days divided in 6 seminars (160 hours) of four days each. ICO lecturers from the UK are flown over to Spain and all the lectures are translated into Spanish. The last seminar is run in Dorking in the UK so that students can meet other members of the ICO staff.

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The Italian Association of Classical Osteopathy was born the 4th of March 2006 under the invitation of Mr. John Wernham to spread in Italy the original concepts and principles of osteopathy as laid down by JM Littlejohn.

At that time Mr Wernham was turning 99 but still plenty of energy and motivation. And we did it.

Today we work as a link between the Institute of Classical Osteopathy and the italian students who wish to know the “real truth”, organising the Foundation, Diploma and Advance Courses in Classical Osteopthy.

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AICO Group


Paul Mazzucco



The JACO is a partnership organizasion with the JWCCO and was established in the June 4th of 2006. In the march of 2010, the JACO made a formal partnership tie with the ICO. We are educating and promoting Osteopathy which was inherited from JM littlejohn D.O to John Werhnam D.O under the full support of the ICO.!

Most of the osteopathic organization in Japan teaching the U.S style osteopathy. In the U.S the founder of the osteopathy, A.T Still did not allow his students to copy his technique, and as the result many techniques has been developed since then. However as the osteopathy in U.S gaining its recognition, it started to put more emphasis on local disturbance rather than looking at the whole body. We could say that the current osteopathy in the U.S is quite different from what their founder ,A.T Still had been doing. In the human body, every tissues and organs are intimately connected to each other and working in harmony as the whole. The human body is consider as the micro-cosmos.

Without treating the whole body, it is difficult to obtain the positive clinical result by treating only on the local disturbance. Our partner the ICO (institute of classical osteopathy) has been practicing and maintaining the tradition of “classical“ osteopathy which is the legacy of our founder , Dr,Still. The classical osteopathy is the method to treat and help overcome various disease and health problems. If you are patient and not satisfied with the orthodox medical treatment, massage or other manual theraphy , please consider taking the classical osteopathic treatment. If you are practitioner and not satisfied with your result, why not join the JACO and study the classical osteopathy. After finishing the course,we will guarantee that you will understand our superiority . All the material used in our course was provided by the ICO and you will be happy with its quality and quantity. We sincerely hope that the classical osteopathy will be the great help for the patients who are not helped by the orthodox medicine.

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Takeshi Ogura


JACO group


Takeshi Ogura



The Vitality of Truth – Society for Osteopathic Wellness (SFOW) is a Toronto-based non-profit organization. The SFOW aims to promote and proliferate the science of Osteopathy, in Canada and internationally. One of the primary means of achieving this goal is to develop community clinics staffed by volunteer Osteopathic Manual Practitioners who hold current Osteopathic licensing and are registered in good standing with their association. These operators provide accessible therapeutic care to various communities both locally and globally. Our goal is to fund international initiatives in developing nations that provide Osteopathic Manual Therapy to communities in need.

We believe that everyone, everywhere, has the right to health and wellness.

The Society for Osteopathic Wellness is proud to offer post graduate courses developed by the Institute of Classical Osteopathy in order to support our Mission and Vision.

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The Canadian Group
Back left: Isobel Fletcher, back right: Cathy Boyce,
front left: Chris Batten, front middle: Jared Postance,
front right: Sandy Antunes



The Institut für Klassische Osteopathie Deutschland (IKOD) was founded in 2018 as an independent institute aiming at furthering classical osteopathy as laid down by AT Still and JM Littlejohn, represented through the Institute of Classical Osteopathy (ICO).

Striving to provide a contact point for Classical Osteopathy and with the opportunity of first class classical osteopathic training in Germany, we‘re working hand in hand with the ICO Faculty. Our deepest wish is to generate and spread the interest for Classical Osteopathy, widening the understanding of the innate principles and practice.

Different to the popular perception in Germany, Classical Osteopathy is in no way an outmoded parietal technique. But understanding follows knowledge. That‘s where we at the IKOD decided to jump in and started organizing the ICO‘s Foundation Course in Stuttgart.

The IKOD is a young project not lacking of visions for the future. So we‘ll be there to do whatever is needed to serve our outstanding profession.

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