Irvin Korr, in his address to the British osteopathic community in 1996 at the Commonwealth Institute London, said;

“I remind you further of another principle.You do not treat symptoms, you do not treat pain, you do not treat diseases, you do not treat parts of the body, you do not treat the musculo-skeletal system; you treat persons, you treat human beings. It is they who get well or not depending on the competence of their built-in health care system. I would like to hear you saying this more and more, that you are treating more than a musculo-skeletal system.”

The overriding principle of classical osteopathy is therefore not bony adjustment, but body adjustment. This historically relevant philosophy is what makes classical osteopathy distinct. And it is this philosophy which is taught on the Institute’s courses and mentored at the London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy in North London.

What Makes Classical Osteopathy Distinct?


The Institute of Classical osteopathy currently runs the Foundation course, Applied Clinic and Applied Course. 

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The London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy is our post-graduate teaching clinic based in North London.