The ICO runs a few webinars during the year. You can have access to our 2018/2019 Webinars for the price of £5. In order to get access you need to do the following:

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You can check a small summary to our webinar videos in our ICO Youtube channel.


ICO WEBINAR Caroline Stone|2018- The Mediastinum
DESCRIPTION: Caroline Stone runs through the anatomy of mediastinum, to anterior cervical area, to lung area and into the thoracic outlet. Very comprehensive for Osteopaths and manual therapy professionals.
ICO WEBINAR Tim Sparrow|2018- Lesionology
DESCRIPTION: Tim Sparrow talks about lesionology in the spine and different models that we have available in osteopathy.
ICO WEBINAR Chris Batten|2018 - The rationale of Classical Osteopathic treatment
DESCRIPTION: Chris Batten makes a review of different topics of Classical Osteopathy. Order in the treatment process, Frequency of treatment, physiological and mechanical perspectives.
ICO WEBINAR Tim Sparrow|2019 - Treating MS - Osteopathic pathways towards the ANS a multi systems approach
DESCRIPTION: This talk emphasizes the role of the Body Adjustment in the context of treating MS through addressing the many systems involved and the nature of our potential influence on the ANS.

WEBINAR | 5th of December 2019

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis - Osteopathic pathways towards the ANS - Part 2 - Case study

Introduction – developing a wellness program for people with MS
Multiple Sclerosis Overview
Some ANS considerations

Case study – Profile
Presentation and osteopathic considerations towards treatment – ANS interface
Evaluation of treatment outcome?

A sample of Osteopathic Research
Other considerations in evaluating treatment outcomes for future and further consideration

    • Day: 5th of December 2019
    • Time: 7pm (UK time)
    • Length: 1 hour
    • Price: ICO members FREE | Non ICO members £10

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