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WEBINAR 13th of February 2020

The Pelvis - An overview of its integrative function as well as its diagnostic myths and pitfalls

  • Speaker: Mervyn Waldman
  • Date: 13th February
  • Time: 6.00pm (UK time)
  • Price: FREE to ICO members and Ticket Holders of ICO Conference 2020 | £10 Non ICO members

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The lecture will pay particular attention to describing the role of the pelvis as the dynamic foundation for the weight bearing of the body, its ability to sustain gravitational forces and enable dynamic stability during movement.

The role of genetic variation and the effect of degenerative changes will be examined, together with their profound effect on the morphology of the pelvis and its asymmetry of structure and function, both of which frequently makes for irrational diagnosis and treatment.

In the light of recent studies of spinal and pelvic movement using advanced kinematic 3D computed tomography and MRI imaging, questioning many of the most basic osteopathic theories of spinal mechanics and palpation findings, it has become clearer as to why subjective physical examination tests are of notoriously low inter and intra-observer reliability, sensitivity and specificity.

This webinar will attempt to point out the need, therefore, to fully appreciate the potential underlying abnormal morphology and pathology. It will emphasise, therefore, the need to avoid ‘bone-setting’ but rather, as Littlejohn emphasised, to appeal to the soft tissue attachments, via the use of minimally invasive articular technique, in order to avoid harm when attempting to restore pain-free, articular function of the pelvic articulations, in its complex coordination with the spinal column above.


ICO CONFERENCE Hendrik Vlek | 2019- The Lymphatics in Health and Disease
DESCRIPTION: 3 hours theoretical lecture on the Lymphatics by Hendrik Vlek. The osteopathic profession has long recognized the importance of the lymphatic system in maintaining health. This lecture runs through some of the latest research in the subject and contrast them with the biography of early osteopaths like John Martin Littlejohn.

To access these videos you need to buy a £30 ticket Buy tickets for Lecture | The Lymphatics in Health and Disease | Hendrik Vlek

​After that you can email in order to get you access password to Part 1 and Part 2

Hendrik Vlek | Lymphatics 1st part | Length: 1:30

Hendrik Vlek | Lymphatics 2nd part | Length: 1:30
ICO WEBINAR Caroline Stone | 2018- The Mediastinum
DESCRIPTION: Caroline Stone runs through the anatomy of mediastinum, to anterior cervical area, to lung area and into the thoracic outlet. Very comprehensive for Osteopaths and manual therapy professionals.
ICO WEBINAR Tim Sparrow | 2018- Lesionology
DESCRIPTION: Tim Sparrow talks about lesionology in the spine and different models that we have available in osteopathy.
ICO WEBINAR Chris Batten | 2018 - The rationale of Classical Osteopathic treatment
DESCRIPTION: Chris Batten makes a review of different topics of Classical Osteopathy. Order in the treatment process, Frequency of treatment, physiological and mechanical perspectives.
ICO WEBINAR Tim Sparrow | 2019 - Treating MS - Osteopathic pathways towards the ANS a multi systems approach
DESCRIPTION: This talk emphasizes the role of the Body Adjustment in the context of treating MS through addressing the many systems involved and the nature of our potential influence on the ANS.
ICO WEBINAR Barry Jacobs | 2019 - CVS refresher for osteopaths
DESCRIPTION: A pragmatic approach to critical cues that might help preserve life and limb in osteopathic practice
ICO WEBINAR Tim Sparrow | 2019- Treating MS - Osteopathic pathways towards the ANS- Case Study. Part 2
DESCRIPTION: * Introduction – developing a wellness program for people with MS. Multiple Sclerosis Overview. Some ANS considerations. Case study – Profile. Presentation and osteopathic considerations towards treatment – ANS interface. Evaluation of treatment outcome?. A sample of Osteopathic Research. Other considerations in evaluating treatment outcomes for future and further consideration.
ICO WEBINAR Robert Cartwright | 2019- The Osteopathic Lesion
DESCRIPTION: Robert describes the early 20th century research into the osteopathic lesion. Those first investigations that took place by Louisa Burns and their outcome.