Pascal Grolaux, DO, MOst

Topic:Traditional Osteopathy and the General Osteopathic Treatment: A historical concept and a modern application


This webinar is based on a recent article from Pascal Grolaux DO MOst, Tim Sparrow DO BSc and Francois Lalonde DO PhD submitted and approved for publication in Journal of American Academy of Osteopathy.

We will discuss about the possible reasons why traditional osteopathy, including the general osteopathic treatment (GOT) termed as well as the Body Adjustment, is rarely taught in the US as well as poorly understood elsewhere and not commonly practiced. What is wrong or not with the GOT?


Monday 26th April 2021

7pm-8:30PM (UK time) 

Platform: ZOOM


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  1. Online ICO Conference |Covid 19 and Osteopathic Medicine, the lessons so far 

New research and new evidence are found every day, at the same time osteopaths are gathering more and more anecdotes and experience by treating patients that have suffered the consequences of covid 19. This is why we present this online conference where our 6 guest speakers will explore the physiology, treatment research approach, psychophysiological aspects and the osteopathic concepts. 


  • Caroline Stone - The lymphatic mesenteric and abdominal considerations in long Covid cases.
  • Jorgelina Parreño - Osteopathic approach on Covid-19 sequels
  • Alain Abehsera - Physiopathology of Covid 19 from the osteopathic point of view, with the clinical management of the acute and chronic phase
  • Hendrik Vlek - The benefits of a Classical Osteopathic treatment for Post-Covid patients regarding the pathophysiological and psychophysiological aspects
  • Robert Cartwright - A review of the pathophysiology and immunopathology of Covid- 19 and body systems affected
  • Chris Campbell - Osteopathy epidemics and pandemic

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Length: 5h 37min


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2. Chris Batten | Unwinding the Fascial WEB | ICO

Description: Fascial facts and figures, Tensegrity and Lines of Force, Disintegration and distortion, adjusting the web, Organic mechanics, advantages of long lever, Body Adjustment, Stabilization

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Length: 4h

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3.  Mervyn Waldman | Pain Inflammation and the Inmune System | The Institute of Classical Osteopath

Description: Mervyn Waldman, presents these series of 5 webinars with over five hours of filming where he presents a review of the current medical understanding of the interrelationship of pain, inflammation & the immune system, how it impacts directly on our understanding of many of the clinical syndromes we see in practice and the formulation of an appropriate treatment protocol.

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Length: 5h 12min

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4. Ed Paget | The Scoliosis Correction Protocol

Description: Ed Paget, presents his unique whole body approach to scoliosis. Scoliosis affects 2 % of the population and a the large majority of adults with scoliosis don’t receive any help from the medical system. The Scoliosis Correction Protocol is movement based which empowers the patient to learn about, understand and ultimately control their curve. The movements start to address the 3 dimensional nature of scoliosis and work through a continuum of mobility, strength and endurance type exercises. Ed has successfully applied this approach to both teens and adults but focuses primarily on the adult population. In this presentation Ed outlines the methods he uses to address the most common types of scoliosis and what the whole body approach looks like in practice.

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Length: 1h

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5. Hendrik Vlek | 2019- The Lymphatics in Health and Disease

Description: 3 hours lecture on the Lymphatics by Hendrik Vlek. The osteopathic profession has long recognized the importance of the lymphatic system in maintaining health. This lecture runs through some of the latest research in the subject and contrast them with the biography of early osteopaths like John Martin Littlejohn.


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Hendrik Vlek | Lymphatics 1st part | Length: 1:30
Link: VIDEO VIMEO | Part 1

Hendrik Vlek | Lymphatics 2nd part | Length: 1:30
Link: VIDEO VIMEO | Part 2