Diploma Course Classical Osteopathy


At the ICO our mission is to nurture Osteopaths with an ongoing pathway of your personal and professional development.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Classical Osteopathy | PGDCO is perfect for anyone who would like to discover more about the scope of osteopathy and wishes to use osteopathy to its full potential by studying the legacy of the pioneers of the profession with the perspective of modern research and discoveries. You will learn to appreciate the relationship of anatomy, physiology, mechanics, principles and the whole state of the patient, so as to improve your treatment outcomes

The PGDCO is designed to run for 18 months, with four days long seminars.

It is divided in three stages that will take you in a continuous development through theory, practice and clinical mentoring.

We will take the time in the classroom to explore the principles, scope and rationale of Classical Osteopathic Medicine and we will include plenty of practical guidance and refinement of your hands-on skills.

During the Diploma Course and between the seminars there will be webinars to embed, explore and expand on the topics covered in the classroom and motivational webinars to learn from our senior faculty members about some specific topics and their experiences.

The final aim of this 18 months PGDCO is that the osteopath evaluates the patient presenting symptoms, generate a diagnosis from a Classical Osteopathic perspective and apply the Osteopathic Principles, the anatomical relationship, the neurophysiological reflexes of the body and the spine-body mechanics.  

Furthering your scope of Osteopathy @ the Institute of Classical of Osteopathy

You can watch the presenting video from our senior Diploma teacher, Chris Batten, where he explains in detail the whole PGDCO DIPLOMA VIDEO

On top of that, please feel free to further explore the philosophy of the ICO through our YOUTUBE channel feed with webinars and lectures that we have run during the last few years.

You can download and read all the details about our Diploma Course in Classical Osteopathy PROSPECTUS DIPLOMA ICO 2022-2023

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September 2022 - 9th to 12th

October 2022 - 14th to 17th

November 2022 - 25th - 28th

International Pathway

For International students who are thinking about studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Classical Osteopathy, but worry that their English language is not strong enough and travelling to the UK is difficult. This is a good option to take the same UK course but in your country of origin.

You can check in the link above the ICO’s affiliated groups and contact them directly for further information.