An Introduction to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field


An Introduction to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (1 DVD)

Reformatted from the 1996 video

Helen Emilie Jackson D.O. graduated from Kirksville in 1939 and spent a lifetime in the study and practice of Osteopathy. Together with her husband Philip Jackson, she was one of the earliest members of the Osteopathic Institute of Allied Technique (the forerunner to the ICO) in the 1950’s

Greatly influenced by Beryl Arbuckle, D.O. of Philadelphia, who was an early student of Sutherland, Mrs Jackson spent more than 40 years exploring the potential of cranial technique

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  • Introduction
  • The ‘V’ Spread
  • Phenol-Basilar Symphysis lesions
  • Sinus Drainage
  • Temporal Balancing
  • The Treatment of the Child
  • Miscellaneous Techniques
  • Conclusion
  • A Personal Note

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DVD Total Running time 56 Mins

Dimensions 192 x 137 x 16

ISBN 978-0-9560865-6-3

Multi Region. PAL. Standard 4:3


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