Institute of Classical Osteopathy Year Book 2000


Year Book 2000

Edited and Compiled by Russell John White

…..The basic principle of osteopathy has been described in many different ways but may simply be stated as the belief that the functioning and health of the body depend on its structural, mechanical and postural state. If we truly accept this idea, we are no longer concerned with the problem of whether a particular condition or patient should be treated osteopathically as every case can be treated in accordance with this principle…..


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  • Foreword by RJ White
  • The Science Of Osteopathy by JM Littlejohn
  • Osteopathic diagnosis by Charles Hazzard
  • Osteopathic Treatment In The Constitutional Diseases by JM Littlejohn
  • The Progress And Future Of Osteopathy by JM Littlejohn
  • The Ribs by TE hall
  • Human Posture And The Osteopathic Lesion by JTS Dunman
  • The Meaning Of Integration by John Wernham
  • “What Osteopathy Means To Me “by John Wernham

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Paperback 110 pages

Dimensions 210 x 150

ISBN 978-0-9530294-6-4

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