Thorax & Abdomen – Techniques & Diagnosis


Edited and Compiled by Russell John White

…..the applied anatomy, physiology and mechanics are revisited in most of the articles and it is hoped that readers will appreciate the attempts of the various authors to illustrate the “why’s” as well as the “how’s” of treatment approaches…..


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  • Introduction by RJ White
  • The Technique Of Rib Correction by JM Littlejohn
  • The Osteopathic Approach To Acute Bronchitis by W Haycock
  • Osteopathic Treatment Of Coronary Thrombosis by Normund Cram
  • Mitral Stenosis by A Rumfitt
  • The Osteopathic Treatment Of Diseases Of Respiration by JM Littlejohn
  • The Bronchial Tubes And Lungs by CP McConnell
  • Osteopathic Lesions Of The Heart by CP McDonnell
  • The Function Of The Diaphragm In Respiration by JM Littlejohn
  • The Abdominal Cavity by JM Littlejohn
  • Direct Treatment Of The Abdomen by CP McDonnell
  • General Technic by CP McDonnell
  • Manipulative Treatment Of The Liver by CP McDonnell
  • Manipulative Treatment Of The Kidney by CP McDonnell
  • Lymphatics Of The Abdominal Regiont


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