The Extremities – Techniques & Diagnosis


Edited and Compiled by Russell John White

…..What this book does do is to provide an insight into the methods and thought processes of some of the finest osteopathic practitioners when confronted with appendicular problems…..


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  • Introduction by RJ White
  • The Lower Extremities by J Wernham
  • The Knee Joint by TE Hall
  • The Knee Joint by J Wernham
  • The Knee by TE Hall
  • Examination Of The Foot by JM Littlejohn
  • The Foot by TE Hall
  • Osteopathic Treatment Of The Foot by J Wernham
  • Differential Diagnosis And Osteopathic Treatment Of The Shoulder by TE Hall
  • Diagnosis And Treatment Of Clavicular Lesions by J Proby
  • The 'Frozen Shoulder' by TE Hall
  • The Elbow and Forearm by TP Ringland
  • The Elbow by TE Hall
  • The Elbow Joint by J Wernham


Paperback 116 pages

Dimensions 210 x 150

ISBN 978-0-9530294-7-1

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