The Classical Osteopathic Treatment Of The Infant And Child (3DVDs)


The Classical Osteopathic Treatment Of The Infant And Child (3DVDs)

This publication consists of a series of formal lectures delivered at Denbies Vineyard in 2010

They feature the principles of the treatment of the young infant and child from the classical perspective presented by Mervyn Waldman and Chris Batten

The lectures are illustrated with slides and some treatment footage to demonstrate this unique osteopathic approach

The final disc contains additional treatments of the child patient and clearly shows some of the challenges and considerations required when working with this patient group.

Many differing classical techniques are demonstrated, complementing other publications produced by the ICO


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DVD 1 ( 118 Mins)

The Osteopathic Treatment of Sick Infants and Children

    • Presented by Mervyn Waldman
    • The John Wernham Approach to Infant Treatment
    • Presented by Chris Batten

DVD 2 ( 124 Mins)

Acute Ear Infection With Chronic Eczema – A Case Presentation

    • Presented by Chris Batten

Rarely Addressed Difficulties in the Osteopathic Treatment Technique of Infants

    • Presented by Mervyn Waldman

DVD 3 ( 61 Mins)

Child Treatments:

  • Treatment 1 – Freddy
  • Treatment 2 – Joe
  • Treatment 3 – Sophie

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DVD Total running time 303 mins

Dimensions 192 x 137 x 16

Multi Region. PAL. Widescreen 16:9

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