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Born in Glasgow in the mid ninetenth century, John Martin Littlejohn was rough up in a culture which few people in the modern world would recognize. The son of a dedicated Reformed Presbyterian minister, he himself was ordained in Creevagh, Co Monagham and began his journey in a poor background, progressed through the elite educational establishments of Glasgow and Columbia Universities and on the world of a college in the rural heart land of America's mid west.

A student of Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy, Littlejohn remained steadfast throughout his life to his faith and to the cause of Osteopathy - the philosophy that physicians should focus on treating the disease rather than just the symptoms. He founded the first school of Osteopathy in the United Kingdom in 1917 and although he was described as "a scholar in the best sense of the word, and a man of great intellectual honesty and courage" Littlejohn, came into conflict with certain opponents of his views.

Meticulously researched, this book attempts a detailed examination of his life and exposes the full truth behind the accusations leveled against him.

John Martin Littlejohn-A Practical Covenanter
Littlejohn's Vision
Clash of Three Cultures
The reformed presbyterian church
Family and church background
Places of interest in the early life of John Martin Littlejohn
Move to Lorne, Scotland
Move to Garvagh, Conty Londonderry, Ireland
Education in Coleraine
Both brothers attended Glasgow University
Return to Garvagh
Call to Creevagh
Creevagh background
Background on financial matters
Ordination and work in Creevagh
The Creevagh missionary association
Problems arise in Creevagh
January 1888-May 1888
May to October 1888
Life in the US from October 1888 until the end of summer 1889
1889, returns to Glasgow University
A serious fall, outcome of which is move to USA
September 1892, travels to the US
1892, Columbia College
Work as a minister in the US
Summer 1893, trip to UK and Europe
Littlejohns D.D.degree
1894, Amity College
1895, Trip to England
An ideal presented and history repeats itself
The College Springs and Southwestern Railroad company
1895, finalises PHD thesis while at Amity
Late 1896, 1897, starts considering move from Amity
1897 - Chicago prior to Kirksville
Move to Kirksville
Littlejohn, Still and Physiology
Surgery and Osteopathy
Tragic deaths of two students
The Agreement
The good times
Graduating class commencement exercises February 1st, 1899
Littlejohn's vision and work as Dean
The M.D. Osteopathic idea
Dr William Smith
The turning tide
The tornado
The ASO to move from Kirksville
The M.D.O. question comes to a head
Littlejohn's return from summer in England 1899
Hildreth the A.A.A.O., and Harry
CMT Hulett and the M.D.O.
Changes to the Journal of Osteopathy
"Something new or nothing at all"
Hildreth's recall to the A.S.O.
Hildreth's version of events
Journal of Osteopathy April 1901 graduating class FEB 1901 Class Poem
The seeds of discontent
The dispute
Some legal matters, depositions and court cases
Quotes from the deposition
Move to Chicago, family update
The American College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery
The associated colleges
The Alabama decision and materia medica
Independent Boards
A word about Hildreth the Politician
The 1906 AOA inspection
Change of name to the Littlejohn College
Experimenting on animals
Definition of Osteopathy
Issue of toxicosis
Replenishing his conscience
The state board of health
The Flexner report
Further detail on the A.O.A., the A.C.O, the M.D. degree and drugs
Lake Bluff
The path to England
A review
The case of the mysterious grocery bill
The Chicago College of Osteopathy
Littlejohn College was a Non-Profit Institution
JML's carrer in England
Badger Hall
Life in England
Reverent Doctor William C.Minifie
Minifie's Canadian and USA fundraising trip 1916
Littlejohn and Minifie
Reverend Minifie, Littlejohn and the International Bible Institute War Relief Fund
The International Bible institute Affair
1935 House of Lords select committee hearing
List of Degrees and Diplomas in Chronological Order
The British Medical Associations approach
Littlejohn's approach
The destruction of Littlejohn's reputation
Some additional context
Jawitt's speech and the looker students
Littlejohn and Hall
The last decade
A footnote on the B.S.O.
Littlejohn así his family
J M Littlejohn´s legacy
National University of Chicago
Harkins defense of the National University
The National Medical College
Dunham and Herring Colleges
The Society of Science, Letters and Art
What was the Society of Science, Letters and Art?
How the Society recruited Members and Fellows
Criticisms of the Society of Science, Letters and Art
An interpretation and possible explanation
Hymns and Psalms for Littlejohn's Funeral
Psalm 100
Psalm 23
Lead, kindly light
Some final words about the man John Martin Littlejohn
Wm R. Dobbyn describing J. Martin Littlejohn


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