Head & Neck – Techniques & Diagnosis


The Head & Neck

Technique & Diagnosis

Edited and Compiled by Russell John White

…..Anyone who has made a careful study of the region cannot fail to be impressed by the complexity of the neurological and vascular relationships and their profound influence on the overall well being of the body…..


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  • Introduction by RJ White
  • The Region Of The Neck by ME Clark
  • Osteopathic Neck Technique by J Wernham
  • The Cervical Centres by JM Littlejohn
  • The Use And Abuse Of Cervical Manipulation and Analgesics In The Treatment
  • Of Whiplash Injuries by M Waldman
  • Occipito-Atlantal Technique by JM Littlejohn
  • Occipito-Atlantal Articulation by TE Hall
  • Treatment Of The Anterior Cervical Region by E Miller
  • Diseases Of the Eye by JM Littlejohn
  • Osteopathic Approach To ear Conditions by J Wernham
  • Applied Physiology – The Eye by JM Littlejohn
  • An Osteopathic Approach To The Problem Of Migraine by P Stanley
  • The Cranium byJM Littlejohn
  • The Fifth Cranial Nerve by ME Clark


Paperback 136 pages

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ISBN 978-0-9560865-1-8

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