Discovering J. Martin Littlejohn – A Key figure of Classical Osteopathy


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Edited by Clare Rogers, Covering from Rosemary Taylor

.....The basic principle of osteopathy has been described in many different ways but may simply be stated as the belief that the functioning and health of the body depend on its structural, mechanical and postural state. If we truly accept this idea, we are no longer concerned with the problem of whether a particular condition or patient should be treated osteopathically as every case can be treated in accordance with this principle.....

“There is a peculiar sacredness in the science and art of healing. You must face the most affecting scenes that mortals ever see and receive the great confidences that men can give. Can you tell from whence life comes, whether it goes and for what purpose it exists? When your hands are laid on the sick, lay them on reverently as if you were dealing with the master mechanism of earth and heaven, the body of man than which no more perfect embodiment of divine wisdom even appeared… what will you do with the treasures that lie in your hands? Become a spoiled child of science, or heroic champion of the latest truth. Do not let the “auri sacra fames” eat out the vitals of your life; let you ambitions be to win in the race for fame not intoxicated by the desire for fame, as Milton says, “fame is the spur which the clear spirit doth raise that last infirmity of noble mind, to scorn delights and live laborious days”. (Journal of osteopathy December 1898, address of Dr. J. Martin Littlejohn before the Graduatin class, oct. 27, 1898. Page 326)



  • A Clash of Three Cultures
  • Littlejohn the Covenante
  • Church Background and Ministry
  • Discovering Osteopathy
  • The Osteopathy of A.T. Still
  • Littlejohn the Educator
  • Littlejohn and the American School of Osteopathy
  • Early Success at the ASO
  • What went wrong?
  • The School in Chicago
  • Littlejohn and the House of Lords
  • Another Culture Clash
  • The British Medical Association Strategy
  • Littlejohn in the Dock
  • Littlejohn’s Legacy
  • What is Osteopathy?
  • Osteopathy, Its Discovery,
  • Osteopathy
  • Definition
  • Body a Mechanism
  • Body A commissariat
  • Blood and Nerves
  • Health and Disease
  • Blood and Nerve Centers
  • Lesions and their Causes
  • Obstructions
  • How To Remove Obstructions
  • Results of Correction
  • Distinctive Osteopathic Theory
  • Distinctive Pathology
  • Bacteriology
  • Current of Vitality
  • Nature’s Therapy and Physician
  • Appeal to Medical Profession
  • Discussion
    • Walter, MD
    • L. Morgan MD
    • B. Hooker
    • Walter
    • L. Morgan
    • Hills Cole
    • Martin Littlejohn
  • Quotations from selected articles by Littlejohn
  • The Science of Osteopathy


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