Classical Osteopathy Articles, Lectures and Papers


Classical Osteopathy Articles, Lectures and Papers by Mervyn Waldman

Compiled by Alex Milne

As a result of the increasing interest shown by students and graduates in the subject of classical osteopathy, the Institute thought it timely to publish this collection of articles and lecture that I have written over the past thirty years and more. They were composed in the attempt to clarify the principles of the osteopathy practiced by the founders of the profession, more often than not in the face of epidemic disease, profound injury and disability.


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  • Introduction
  • The Tragic Emasculation of British Osteopathy
  • Osteopathic Terminology
  • What is Classical Osteopathy?
  • An Outline of the Principles and Practice of the Total Body Adjustment /General Treatment
  • An Osteopathic View of Acute & Chronic Disease
  • Osteopathic Treatment of Acute Disease in Infants and Children
  • Osteopathic Bedside Treatment of the Acute Adult and Geriatric
  • The Principles of Classical Osteopathic Technique
  • Notes on Acute Low Back Pain in the Scoliotic Patient
  • An Analysis of the Osteopathic Lesion
  • Centres of Oscillation
  • Characteristic Features of Osteopathic Treatment
  • Headache – its Diagnosis and osteopathic Treatment
  • The Use and Abuse of Cervical Manipulation and Analgesics in the Treatment of Whiplash Injuries
  • The Osteopathic Treatment of Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Inhibition
  • The Lymphatic System
  • Rhythm
  • Primary Concepts and Patho-Physiological Mechanisms in Osteopathic Medicine
  • Spinal Balance
  • The technique of AT Still
  • The Osteopathic Technique of JM Littlejohn
  • The Pathophysiology of Chronic Back Pain
  • Converting the Physical into the Physiological


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Published in 2013

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