An Introduction to Classical Osteopathic Technique | DVD


An Introduction To Classical Osteopathic Technique (4 DVDs)

By Mervyn Waldman

Edited By Henry Lee and Christopher Batten

This four DVD box set is an introduction to classical osteopathic technique and is intended to be an accompaniment to full osteopathic training

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DVD 1 (78 mins)

  • Introduction
  • Initial Osteopathic Examination
  • Standing Examination (Operator Seated)
  • Seated Examination
  • Body Adjustment Examination


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DVD 2 (109 mins)

  • Introduction
  • Supine Techniques Of The Pelvic Girdle, Lumbar Spine And Abdomen
  • Supine Techniques Of The Thorax And Upper Extremity
  • Supine Techniques Of The Anterior Throat, Head, Face and Sub-Occiput
  • Supine Cervical And Occipital Techniques

…I would like to point out that one of the most distinguishing features of the Body Adjustment/General Treatment as applied classically, is its rhythmicity of application and relaxation inducing effects….


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DVD 3 (105 Mins)

  • Prone Techniques
  • Inhibition And Stimulation
  • Adjunctive Prone Techniques
  • Side-Lying Techniques
  • Additional Supine Techniques

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DVD 4 (58 Mins)

    • Introduction
    • Techniques In The Seated Position
    • Seated Extremity Techniques
    • Stool Techniques
    • Astride Techniques
    • Bedside And Miscellaneous Techniques

An 18 Page Accompanying Booklet

  • Introduction By Henry Lee (Chairman)
  • An Outline Of The Principles And Practice Of The
  • Body Adjustment/General Treatment By Mervyn Waldman



DVD Total running time 350 mins

Dimensions 185 x 127 x 27

ISBN 978-0-9560865-2-5

Multi Region. PAL. Widescreen 16:9

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