The Lymphatics in health and disease

“If we think and say that disease is only too much dirt in the wheels of life, then we see that “Nature takes this method to wash out dirt” Let the lymphatics always receive and discharge naturally, if so we have no substance detained long enough to produce fermentation, fever, sickness and death.“ A.T. Still

The osteopathic profession has long recognized the importance of the lymphatic system in maintaining health. Most of the osteopathic techniques designed to treat patients with tissue congestion are based on early research recognizing that lymph flow is influenced by many tissues in the body and the Autonomic Nervous System.

I hope with this workshop to run through some of the latest research in the subject and contrast them with the biography of early osteopaths like John Martin Littlejohn.

Also, we will have time to practice some of those lymphatic techniques that are very useful in a day to day practice.

  1. An anatomical and physiological review
  2. Consideration of various pathologies for which the lymphatics are to be considered
  3. Compare and Contrast John Martin Littlejohn research with the latest research in this subject.
  4. Applied techniques to the lymphatic system during our treatment

I look forward to see you in Dorking on the 30thof November

Hendrik Vleck D.O.


This one day event is open to all osteopaths. If you are not an ICO member we welcome you to come and spend a great CPD day with us learning about the traditional view in practice of the Lymphatic system with one our expert teachers in this field.

If you are an ICO member, this is a great opportunity to spend a great day with Hendrik on this specific subject that is so important in our day to day practice.

  • Course Leader: Hendrik Vleck D.O.
  • Date: 30th November 2019
  • Location: 28, South Street | Dorking (UK) | RH4 2HQ
  • Time: 9am-5pm
  • Price:
    • £145 Non ICO-Members
    • £100 ICO Members

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