The Fundamentals Course will also starts in September. As an ICO member you are welcome to attend in any of those weekends to get CPD hours and review some of those interesting topics. Also, you are welcome to attend this seminars if you are a foreign student that have covered the Fundation Course in your own countries and want to carry on the studies of the ICO pathway. Click here for further information.

Conferences - Institute of Classical Osteopathy


Professor Wilfrid Jänig, Tim Oxbrow & Danny Orchard. This is a course organized in conjunction with CORE.

There will be 3 seminars, two of theory with Professor Jänig and one more practical with two senior Osteopaths.

  • November 2018: 24th-25th
    The Neurobiology of the Autonomic Nervous System
  • February 2019: 2nd-3rd
    Integration of the Autonomic Function
  • March 2019
    Integration of the ANS within the Osteopathic Treatment

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Integrative medicine, in its therapeutic approach, is conceptually based on the unity of body and mind. Health and ill health are the result of dysregulation of the body by the brain. The therapeutic aim is therefore to activate and promote innately developed mechanisms by the body-brain axis, underlying the regulation of health and healing. Various peripheral and central neural systems are involved in this regulation. Understanding the complexity and integration of these various systems is key to understanding an effective treatment approach as a healthcare practitioner. Pain education and philosophy has, for a long time, been confined to the dark ages of medicine. Re-evaluating our understanding of these mechanisms is paramount to the success of treating our patients.

"Wilfred Jänig is a leader in the field of autonomic research and one of the big influences on my undergraduate training as a physiotherapist." Dr. Hubert van Griensven, Editor of Pain: A Textbook for Healthcare Professionals