The London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy (LCCO)

The LCCO is a post graduate teaching clinic where successful graduates of the foundation course come to undertake one year (or more) of clinical study in classical osteopathy. Here students will treat patients whilst under supervision of a member of the Institute. The clinic provides a unique opportunity to develop skills in a supportive learning environment.

Clinical time seeing patients is interspersed with tutorials in various aspects of classical osteopathy. Whilst this may seem daunting at first, experienced tutors are there to provide support to the students and guide learning. At the LCCO techniques and principles put forward in the foundation course are expanded on and developed. This stage of involvement in the institute is an important part of the diploma course.

The LCCO is a community based clinic which provides osteopathic care to all members of society, this opens osteopathy up to those who otherwise may not be able to afford it and allows students to see patients from a variable demographic.

We are currently based in Holloway, London, relatively close to where lectures are held in Dorking. For this reason workshops are often held at the LCCO and many domestic and international students come to observe either side of their formal lectures. If you wish to visit the LCCO, please get in contact as we are more than happy to answer questions and allow observers (if clinical circumstance permits) at


Students volunteer at the LCCO for 1 day per week over a period of 1 year.

This provides an opportunity to treat patients under supervision while developing technique and principles introduced on the Foundation course.

Clinical time seeing patients is interspersed with tutorials on various aspects of classical osteopathy.


COURSE DURATION:         1 year

COURSE COST: Included in cost of foundation course

An Application form for 2017/2018 can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF


Graduated from BCOM in 2011, Foundation Course in Classical Osteopathy 2011-12.
LCCO clinic for 6 months so far.  (Planning a further 6 months.)
What I got at BCOM was a really valuable grounding in medical science and I learned good osteopathic techniques.  But what I learned wasn’t integrated. It felt like when I left BCOM I didn’t really know what osteopathy was.  Without Classical Osteopathy it would have been a stab-in-the-dark approach – not knowing what I was doing.  Classical Osteopathy has given me an order and system: a unifying philosophy that makes sense of osteopathic treatment.  I know what I’m looking for and what I need to treat, and how I need to treat it.  It has given me an osteopathic identity.
As a result of being at LCCO, I’m feeling more and more confident with patients.  Even my questions are more focused (where before it was sort of, “Tell me how to be an osteopath!”).  It has meant I’ve never been able to get into bad or careless habits.
I went straight from BCOM to do the Foundation Course in Classical Osteopathy, and straight from that to working at LCCO.  This has been my safety net.  Every week I’ve had a mentor – someone to whom I can address questions.  It’s been a perfect way to lead into osteopathic practice, and I recommend this path to every new graduate.

Graduated from BCOM in 2004, Foundation Course in Classical Osteopathy 2012-13
LCCO clinic for 6 months
My understanding of osteopathy has completely changed.  I now realise what osteopathy is truly about, and the scope of what it's possible to treat.  I feel like I'm actually treating the person as a whole, rather than treating like a physiotherapist. It's made me realise that the emotions and stress in people's lives can present physically, and I now know how to approach this effectively in treatment.

The London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy is one of the most wonderful opportunities that exist for graduate osteopaths to make a huge leap in the practice of classical osteopathy.
The foundation course is really good, but it is just a foundation. One needs to go further. How does one apply it especially with tricky constitutional cases? How does one add more subtlety? How does one build more confidence in the power of this work and develop further? The clinic is just the place.

Graduated from BCOM in 2007, Foundation Course in Classical Osteopathy with the ICO June 2010.  
I was one of the first students to work at the LCCO in October 2010. The opening of the Clinic was ideal for me and happened at the right time. Just doing the ten-month course was not enough for me to effectively apply the Body Adjustment (BA) in my own practice.
It’s been a wonderful experience from the beginning. I have worked with a number of Tutors and have really benefited from their expertise. When I first joined the LCCO, I was not confident in applying the BA on my patients – I thought of it as a routine.  But gradually, as we discussed patients in the Clinic, I began to see patterns in the spine and the implications of them in the patient's complaint. Now my BA is not a routine of supine, prone, side roll and dogs, but is a focused treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of that patient.  
Working in the clinic has improved my palpation skills. I am much more able to feel subtle tissue changes, areas of restriction, irritation, congestion and hypermobility. During treatment, I now recognise when to stop and not overstimulate an area. As Dr Still is quoted, "Find it, fix it and leave it." I’ve learned not to force changes on the patient, but work with the patient’s innate ability to heal themselves. As Mr Wernham said, "Never impose your personality on the patient."  
I would like to thank ICO for setting up the LCCO and giving me the opportunity to work there.  You have truly inspired me to continue my journey as an Osteopath.  I would also like to thank all the Tutors I have worked with for their advice and support in the Clinic.

Graduated from ESO in 2007, Foundation Course in Classical Osteopathy 2011-12
LCCO clinic for 1½ years
The in-depth tutoring at LCCO has clarified my diagnosis and treatment approach and grounded my knowledge of the Body Adjustment, so that I am able to apply physiological and mechanical principles to my treatments.  In my own practice I have gained a greater level of understanding, and from that a higher level of confidence, both in my treatments, and in how I present osteopathy and explain things to my patients.  This means that I get better results with my patients and more patient referrals.
I recently treated an osteopath-friend who qualified a year before me, and he was totally blown away by the treatment I gave him.  It seems to me that in order to improve his patient outcomes, this friend does a course here and then another course there, but he is still searching for the complete treatment.  If you apply the principles of Classical Osteopathy then you have all that you need in your hands.  The Foundation Course, and then being at LCCO, has really given me what I was looking for in osteopathy.

Working in the LCCO clinic has completely revolutionised both my understanding of osteopathy and my treatment.  It has taken my understanding of osteopathic principles to a level I did not know could exist.  It has given me full and comprehensive treatment methods and excellent patient management and handling skills.  It has made me a more effective practitioner, and also an awful lot safer!  I am now much more comfortable handling complex and acute cases in my private practice.  If you've done the Foundation Course and want to apply what you've learned - to really get to grips with Classical Osteopathy and make a profound difference to your patients - I would absolutely recommend spending some time working at the LCCO.

Attending the ICO Foundation Course immediately after graduating I felt that large missing chunks of my osteopathic education was been taught to me.
Approaches to constitutional health, an osteopathic model of health and disease, relevance of vasomotion, trophicity, the importance of treating the whole, and relating all of this to principles - all concepts barely touched on in my undergraduate training  - feature prominently in the ICO Foundation curriculum.
This principled based approach of classical osteopathy offers a method to systematically treat the whole body and a solid understanding of the genesis of dis-ease in our patients.
This approach has proven highly valuable in clinical practice. I get better clinical results using this knowledge and my scope of practice has expanded considerably.
The clinic placement at the LCCO offered the opportunity to develop the conceptual knowledge taught in the Foundation course cohesively into clinical practice. I have found the LCCO placement invaluable in developing my understanding of classical osteopathy and applying it to patients. Indeed I believe to gain maximum benefit and an accurate understanding of classical osteopathy attending the 1 year clinic placement at the LCCO is a requirement.
My patients have been the direct beneficiaries of my training at the ICO & LCCO. I'm a better osteopath for having gone through this training.