This course aims to build on and develop your understanding of key classical osteopathic concepts that you learnt in the Foundation Course. The course is open to you if you have completed the foundation course, you may now choose to do the applied foundation before beginning the fundamentals or alongside it. Also, it is open to those ICO members from the UK or abroad who want to review some of these interesting topics.

At this level you will have the valuable clinical experience and it is time for the final stage of your learning pathway. We truly believe that at this stage you need to enjoy and get the full motivation to practice under the philosophy of Classical Osteopathy.

This is why this year is designed with several workshops that will cover in more detail the relationship between mechanics and physiology with the application of advance techniques in a more integrative mode. Thus, allowing refinement of Body Adjustment routine to achieve an integrated, stable and stress-resistant structure with a definite bigger scope of practice.

There are 8 weekends which you can complete over one year. These weekends can be taken as stand alone courses or done in order to complete the full fundamentals program. From the ICO, we believe that the lay out of the course in these three distinctive stages will allow the Osteopath to become fully qualified under the standards of Classical Osteopath, ready to work and keep evolving over the years in this amazing profession that we call Osteopathy.

When you have successfully completed the foundation, applied foundation and finally the fundamentals you will be awarded with a Diploma in Classical Osteopathy and are eligible for full membership with us.

  • Seminar 1 -  6th-9th December 2019 
  • Seminar 2 -  14th-17th February 2020
  • Seminar 3 -  24th-27th  April 2020
  • Seminar 4 - 12th-15th June 2020


Successful graduates of this 8 weekend course will be awarded with a Diploma in Classical Osteopathy and are eligible for full membership of the Institute.


This course reinforces previous learning of

Application of the classical osteopathic principles of Adjustment 

Physiology of the osteopathic lesion through the acute and chronic stages

Role of arch mechanics and polygons of forces in treatment


CPD HOURS                112 hrs

COST                             £1600
Option to pay in installments

The prospectus can be viewed and download as a PDF

An application form for 2015/2016 can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF


Sue Cook
The Fundamentals course has really helped me to develop further towards by goal of being a truly holistic osteopath.  I now understand what Littlejohn actually meant by the term ‘Adjustment’ and the relationship between classical osteopathic mechanical principles, osteopathic centres and the development of disease.  My patients are already benefitting and I now feel able to address underlying health issues such as asthma, cardiovascular disease etc.  Thank you!