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The conference day aims to deepen our understanding of physiological processes that underpin our interactions with our patients. We will also be marking 10 years since the death of our Founder and past President John Wernham, 100 years since Littlejohn founded the BSO, 70 years since his death and 100 years since Still passed away.


MERVYN WALDMAN: Classical Osteopathic Obstetrics – its physiological basis and demanding clinical challenge

CAROLINE STONE: Visceral fascia, three dimensional dynamics and neuro-chemical and other tissue barriers to function

CHRIS BATTEN: Physiological Principles in the Classical Osteopathic Treatment of Disease.

CHRIS CAMPBELL: The vital side of life and osteopathy - Littlejohn, the vital force, physiology and the bioplasmic plane in technique.

Continuing with the theme of the conference day, Mervyn and Caroline will lead workshops. Everyone who attends will have half a day with Mervyn in the clinic setting with patients and half a day with Caroline working with each other. Please note: this event is now sold out.

If you have any questions please email us: and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know when you get to the form where it asks you for your details. There is a box for you to input these details. (Please note the workshop day doesn't include lunch or refreshments)


The Physiological Basis of Osteopathic Medicine

April 2

10am-5pm With Mervyn Waldman, Caroline Stone, Chris Campbell and Chris Batten At Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London, NW1 2BE




The Physiological Basis of Osteopathic Medicine – Workshops

April 3

This event is currently SOLD OUT but if you are interested in attending, please contact us so that we can let you know if any one drops out. Email: